Helping you thrive

Now more than ever, companies are trying to figure out ways to do more with less.  As a result workers are putting in longer hours, expectations are increasing, and everyone is feeling the pressure and experiencing more stress.   

The vast majority of challenges experienced within the workplace are things that are within our control.  It isn't intentional, but when the heat is on and deliverables mount, management fundamentals can quickly fall by the wayside.  It literally becomes a matter of survival!  At Surviving Corporate, we know that it is actually possible to boost productivity while simultaneously reducing stress!  We partner with you to address the 3 critical areas of management that can make or break worker engagement & success:  feasible & transparent strategy, defined & efficient operating processes, and healthy team cultures & communication.    With a passion for solving problems, driving change, and creating thriving workplaces, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and help you thrive!  

An approach focused on results, not theory!

How we can help with your unique needs:

STrategy Consulting

Ensuring your strategy lives so you can thrive!

- Development of business strategies that are feasible & executable

- Aligning strategy across operations & functions to improve efficacy

- Rolling out & communicating strategy internally

- Defining customer needs & value proposition 

- Customer acquisition & retention strategies

- In depth analysis of markets, customers, competitors, and suppliers

- Strategy measurement & management

Organizational Health

Establishing a Team Operating System for high performance!

- Understanding team structural dynamics

- Strengthening team communication

- Establishing decision rights

- Creating collaboration cultures that produce

- Defining governance models

- Building a case and ability to drive change

Management Consulting

Boosting productivity through efficient operations!

- Project Management for design and development of initiatives

- Change Management for initiative implementation

- Development of efficient & Lean operating processes

- Defining & developing transparent management processes 

- M&A integration management

- New business start-up management

- Establishing management analytics/KPI's

Public Speaking & Presentations

Sharing knowledge & experiences to help others ​

- Workshops and presentations

     * Team Dynamics
     * Team Communication
     * Productivity & Execution
     * Change Management
     * Strategic Planning
     * Strategic Alignment
     * Managing w/ Analytics​

STart your journey today!  We look forward to hearing from you.